Variations on a Birthday Theme

The delightful and dazzling variations for two violins
written in the virtuoso style of
by Bruce Dukov

Brilliantly performed by violinist Bruce Dukov playing both parts, the piece was originally written in honor of Nathan Milstein's 80th birthday. It was first performed at the gala for Mr. Milstein by Dukov and a star-studded group of violinists that included such musical giants as Itzhak Perlman. The piece has since become a joyful part of violinists' celebrations around the world.
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Nathan Milstein:
"The variations are very clever and innovative  and very effective for the violin.
I thank you for this wonderful present."  
Hilary Hahn: 
"At Marlboro and Curtis, people were laughing and cheering with each new
variation -- and the final Bach quote brought the house down."
Isaac Stern:
"A true bravo for a brilliant arrangement and performance."
Bruce Dukov & Itzhak Perlman playing at the Milstein 80th Birthday Gala
Henri Temianka:
I am pleased to state that I consider the Happy Birthday Variations brilliantly imaginative and creative."
Henry Roth (reviewer, "Strad Magazine"):
"Your 'Happy Birthday' is certainly unique.
I have no doubt that both Paganini and Wieniawski, whose music you so skillfully utilize in your transcription,
would be delighted to be associated with so devilishly clever a creation.
And needless to say, your virtuoso performance is stunning.
Good Luck and Bravo!"