If you enjoyed the challenge of Bruce Dukov's “Happy Birthday” variations, you'll just LOVE his arrangements of the “Stars & Stripes”!

And now, this brand new version for violin and viola, performed by Bruce Dukov and Zach Dellinger, performed remotely, COVID-style!

Starting out as a witty duet for 2 Violins , Bruce Dukov transcribed the duo for Violin & Cello at the request of the great cellist, Lynn Harrell . He then adapted it for String Quartet , at the request of the California String Quartet . Finally, he put it all together in one part, for Solo Violin & String Orchestra* (piano reduction available) This has been recorded by Dukov, as has the duet version (with Dukov on both parts).

* Only available for rental through the library of Jo Ann Kane Music:

Watch the full Violin duet version on YouTube

Listen to the full Violin and String Orchestra version here

All the arrangements are virtuoso “Wieniawski” style, and the sheet music is available in the following versions:

Violin Duet - Virtuoso level
Violin Duet - Intermediate/Advanced level
Violin Solo - Virtuoso level with piano
Violin Solo - Intermediate level with piano
Violin & Cello Duet - Virtuoso level
Violin & Viola Duet - Virtuoso level
String Trio - Virtuoso level
String Quartet - Virtuoso level
String Quartet - Intermediate level